Clique @ Malvern is available to rent now, with more locations arriving in the near future.

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Welcome to the rent revolution
Welcome to the rent revolution

Clique is rethinking the way Melburnians live. We’re taking it to the streets in the city’s most desirable suburbs, creating apartments exclusively for renters. It’s a global movement and we’re at the forefront locally, championing renters, not rental providers. So what matters to renters, matters to us. To feel like you belong, in a space you love, in a suburb that has it all.

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Like any revolution, Clique is breaking some rules. Firstly, we purpose-build just for renters. So it’s not all about absent rental providers and investors. We don’t build residential ‘shoebox’ towers but partner with talented Australian architects to build stylish, boutique apartment blocks. We take the hassle out, by paring back the paperwork, bundling up bills and providing a stack of other opt-in services so you can focus on more important things. But perhaps most importantly we put renters in control, by letting you tell us how long you want to stay. So individuals, families and friends can create a home with confidence and certainty. If this doesn’t sound much like renting, that’s the idea.

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