Clique @ Malvern is available to rent now, with more locations arriving in the near future.

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In the Clique world, renting is about having the luxury of choice, not compromising. Our residents are sophisticated and discerning. They know the world around them, following trends both overseas and locally. They are design conscious and increasingly aware of the benefits of elegant eco-friendly architecture. They live and work in Melbourne and want the homes they rent to be worldly, with a local affinity.

Because we build exclusively for renters, we don’t have to focus on cost minimisation. Instead we can create boutique apartments with generous floor space and unexpected levels of privacy and comfort. We work with architects whose work is inspired by international trends and informed by local insights. We encourage them to think creatively about materials, textures, finishes and light. To create apartments that inspire pride, a feeling of sanctuary and a sense of ownership.

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You have the freedom to live wherever you desire. That’s one of the beauties of renting. Which is why our projects are so thoughtfully located. We seek out stylish neighbourhoods, in the best inner-city suburbs, that enrich renters’ lives with parks, stylish retail strips, desirable schools and easy public transport. Even in the sanctuary of your home you feel like you belong to something bigger.

Clique @ Malvern
is available now

№ 1331
High Street

The first of many fabulous Clique locations will be located in the leafy, inner-Melbourne suburb of Malvern. Moments from High Street Armadale's boutique shopping and world-class hospitality. What more could you want from your local strip?

Broadsheet guide
to Malvern

Not a Malvern local? Take a look at the Broadsheet guide to Malvern. Hint – it's home to some of the best coffee in Melbourne.


Clique @ Malvern is available to rent now.