Clique @ Malvern is available to rent now, with more locations arriving in the near future.

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Managed by Evoke Property
For more information please contact —

Emily Merryfull
0403 644 104
[email protected]

Sarah Jones
0408 365 361
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Renter first?
It’s a novel idea

Renting where you call the shots

That's not very landlordy

At Clique we think that wherever you rent, it should still feel like home. But old-school thinking that puts the rental provider first makes that hard. How do you invest emotionally or feel secure with short-term leases, random rent hikes, and paper warfare? In our rent revolution we put the renters in charge. It’s not very landlordy, which is why we like it.

We want your apartment to feel like your own. So you call the shots. You tell us how long you want to stay. The place is yours until you want out, and we’ll put it in writing. With no surprise rent jumps, you can relax knowing exactly where you stand. And in the meantime we’ll look after the day-to-day. Your laundry, your cleaning, childcare, even walking your dog. Book it in and we’ll sort it. So you can spend more time on the important things. What kind of rental provider does that?

All the good stuff

Flexible Leases

Let’s face it you may never want to leave us, so our contracts are multi-year and as flexible as your favourite yoga pants.

No shoeboxes

Shoeboxes are for shoes, not living in, so enjoy our larger floorplans and generous spaces.

Bills included

We’re more like your favourite hotel, rolling all your utilities and internet into one monthly amount.

Pets welcome

Pets are people too and we want you to bring your favourite furry friend. It’s good for you and them.

Luxury interiors

Bedazzle your folks or friends with our “wow” finishes and custom fittings.

Boutique living

We don’t do Grande-size coffee and we don’t do skyscrapers, just perfectly scaled apartment blocks where everyone has a chance to get to know their neighbours.

Tech savvy

Smart phones changed our lives, now it's time for smart homes. To name a few, we hook you up to speedy internet, remote access and security, as well as automated blinds, adding to the list of things you can do at a touch of a button.

Green living

Your building has a 7.0 star NatHERs Energy rating. That’s got to be like winning an Oscar for best environmental friendliness. With rain tanks, drip irrigation, solar panels and power saving initiatives, living at Clique means watered down bills while you do your bit for the planet.

Opt in services

How many people can say my rental provider walks my dog, cleans my house, does my dry cleaning and minds my kids? Not many, I'm sure. Let Clique handle all those daily daggy tasks.

+ Many More